I cannot say thank you enough for faculty and staff that will stand up for what the bible says. Some people do not understand that this is so much more than what we say, it translates to actions, to how we treat each other, how we treat strangers, how we can bless each other and so much more. We carry the Bethel name with us wherever we go. We hope that we are a blessing to others each and every day. I feel that I am called to be a servant in Christ, and there are others that stand with me. We give back to the community, we spread the love of Jesus Christ to everyone. Teaching God’s word and inspiring children to be the most that they can be is just the beginning. Teachers show children how to fufill what God has in store for them, how to face adversity, how to hide God’s word in their heart and how to love one another. Just as Jesus said, loving one another is one of the most important things we can do as Christians. We show our love by our character, our words and our actions. Bethel shows their love in everything that they do. — Elizabeth Holloway

Mrs. Miles, thank you for loving my child in a Christian way everyday. I thank you for preparing yourself spiritually to deal with our children as God would have you to do. You create an atmosphere where my child feels safe and loved and that is very important to me. I am so happy that my child had the opportunity to have you as a teacher. — Casey Pritchett

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