Decidedly Academic. Distinctly Christian

Why Bethel Christian?

    Bethel Christian School has been equipping students with the armor of God since 1965.  We have a passion for bringing the Christian influence to the classroom in our non-discriminatory, non-sectarian, and non-denominational background. 

     At Bethel Christian, every student is important and challenged to do his or her best by outstanding teachers who are genuinely interested in every student. There is no substitute for a well trained, understanding teacher who radiates Christian character and establishes a wholesome relationship with each child. Coupled with parental encouragement and involvement, Bethel Christian reaches its mission by incorporating the virtues of honesty, respect for authority, high morals, self-discipline, and effective study habits. This model stimulates exceptional campus morale and reinforces the home and the church in its efforts to enable students with a good foundation to become exemplary leaders in the community.

We are a TOPS and State approved. Teaching pre-kindergarten through Twelfth grade. Offering daycare services year-round, your student can be with us from their first moments until high-school graduation.


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