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The success and reputation of Bethel Christian School are built upon the words and actions of those associated with it. All members of the BCS Community – Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents, Alumni, and Volunteers – are responsible for advancing the school’s mission through Christian conduct and a commitment to excellence. Personal responsibility, respect, and integrity are the guiding principles for our learning community.

The Bethel Christian School Board of Directors has adopted this Code of Conduct which applies to all members of the Bethel Christian Adult Community – Faculty, Staff, Parents, Alumni, and Volunteers. The Code reflects our collective commitment to support the school’s interests while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

As a member of the Bethel Christian School Adult Community, I agree to abide by the following:

  • I understand that being a part of any school activity is a privilege that includes certain responsibilities.
  • I will exhibit honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior to bring dignity and respect to the school and to the ideals for which the school stands.
  • I will be courteous and respective in dress, conversation, and actions while refraining from personal attacks, profanity, and unsavory comments.
  • I will be supportive of our administration, faculty, staff, coaches, officials, teams, organizations, students etc.
  • I will refrain from the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smoking on any part of the campus and off campus.
  • I will respect the property of others as well as that of the school campus property.
  • I will exercise caution when driving on campus, park in the proper places, and follow school vehicle safety rules.
  • I will refrain from any discrimination and defamation of other members or social groups on the grounds of their religion, origin, nationality, economic capacity, age, or gender.

If a member breaks any of the aforementioned rules, they are subject to permanent removal from the group. Please sign and date below.


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